Now in its 40th year The Monterey Wine Festival has established itself as the premier wine & food event in Monterey. Saturday & Sunday lucky guests will fine savoring bites of wonderful foods that pair well with beers and spirits and sips of world class wines. Now the festival features many new editions like cocktail camp, an entire array of craft spirits and more that keep guests happy and the palate alive with anticipation. Beers and live music added into the mix make this a not to be missed celebration.

June 3rd VIP Gourmet Extravaganza Party. 6:00-9:00pm
VIP Admission $250.00
Location TBA

Enjoy lobster, duck, lamb racks, wild caught salmon, foie gras, wygu style beef,jumbo prawns, and other luxury cuisine as you graze from an array of gourmet fare prepared by award winning chefs from the West Coast.These luxury foods are all paired with a preferred array of wines from exquisite Pinot's, Chard's and Pinot Gris' to outstanding Syrah's and Cab's. Fine whiskeys & tequila round out Friday.This will provide an unbelievable experience in the heart of great wine country for like-minded guests with discerning palates. Prepare to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. Limited to just 100 guests.

June 4th
V.I.P. 11 - 4 p.m. $55 A full hour more of tasting!
General Admission Noon - 4
p.m. $45
s, Select Reds, Beer, Spirits, Chowders & More!
20 Custom House Plaza, Monterey State Historic Park

Included in the Saturday Ticket Price is a Chowdah Celebration! 

Professional chefs from the West Coast continually challenge themselves to making extraordinary chowders and in the 40th Annual Monterey Wine Festival these restaurants are coming to pay homage with their own special & customer favorite chowders - the bowls that are legendary. Clam, Seafood and Creative Chowders are simmered to perfection and the order of the day. Guests can sample these previous award winning chowders, pick their own personal favorites and simple enjoy cuisine that has become synonymous with Monterey and coastal destinations. Of course wines that pair with chowders will also be available and enhance the celebration even further.

June 5th V.I.P. 11 - 3 p.m. $55 A full hour more of tasting!
General Admission Noon - 3
p.m. $45
s, Select Reds, Beer, Spirits, Calamari, Mussels & More!
Custom House Plaza, Monterey State Historic Park

Included in the Sunday Ticket Price is another seaworthy celebration.

Highlights are our Kings of Calamari and Masters of Mussels! Locals and restaurants from afar bring the best in these two categories. Different seasonings and flavor combinations allow for much to taste as throughout the day different offerings are released alongside an array of international cheeses, charcuterie and more. Guests continue the celebration with a completely mouth-watering experience from both the wineries, spirits and beers and bounty of food. You'll also enjoy A Cultured Cheese & Charcuterie Experience courtesy of Sysco. Along with all these festival ingredients live music is the final sensation that further ensures a ultimate winning combination. Wine, Food, Beer, Spirits, Music! Aaahhh!
Shake'm like a pro - learn from the best - attend the Mini cocktail Camp featuring spirits of the festival and more!

The Monterey Custom House Plaza, Monterey State Historic Park
Twenty Custom House Plaza, Monterey, CA 93940

We hope you will join us!